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Nissan Micra Colour + Concept Revealed

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With the first one already out the door, Nissan's now released info for their second concept for the Frankfurt Auto Show. It's called the Nissan Micra Colour +. Yes, that's right, this Nissan Design Europe designed concept's got a "+" sign at the end of the name — for what reason, we're just not sure. In addition to the plus-effect, it also looks like it's nothing more than a P-shop animation — maybe that's because of the two-tone Liquid Metal gold paint effect that contrasts with the three coat pearlescent white finish on the car's flanks. Or maybe it was just rendered really cartoon-like. You decide — press release is after the jump.


Micra Colour + Concept show car

The Micra Colour + Concept show car has been designed and conceived at Nissan Design Europe, the company's European design headquarters in London, to showcase the latest colour and paint technology and to highlight the changes that have been made to the entire Micra range.

The biggest visual impact, however, is the paint effect. Micra Colour + Concept has been given a two-tone treatment with a Liquid Metal gold paint effect running over the top of the car and contrasting with the three coat pearlescent white finish on the car's flanks.

The gold finish has an intense depth that makes it appear liquid to the touch. The extreme metallic look is the result of a special-effect pigment added to the paint.

Inside the Colour + Concept theme continues with a high contrast between the upper and lower portions of the interior. Re-upholstered in sumptuous white leather, the seats have accented detailing and stitching. Carpets and lower internal panels are a darker acid yellow to contrast with the pale upper portion of the dashboard.

New Micra

A more mature Micra will be one of the stars of Nissan's stand at the Frankfurt motor show. Micra celebrates its upcoming fifth birthday with subtle changes to its external appearance, interior trim, as well as the addition of new items of user-friendly equipment.

Thanks to clever use of visual features such as subtle chrome touches, darkened headlamp surrounds and blackened 'B' pillars, Micra enters a new phase of its life looking more sophisticated, more modern and more mature.

Inside, new materials and revised colour treatments again provide a more mature and sophisticated ambience. The model line up has been simplified, now with four main grades: Visia, Acenta, Tekna and the premium Active Luxury grade.

The philosophy of providing "Friendly Technology" on the Micra continues. One example is the new double DIN radio/CD player. Incorporating Bluetooth® technology, it enables calls from a compatible mobile phone to be channelled through the audio system. With a control switch neatly incorporated on the steering wheel, calls can be placed and received hands-free.

An additional feature is an auxiliary input jack socket that allows music from personal MP3 players to be heard through the car's stereo system. Another new piece of equipment offering greater safety and convenience in equal measure is a speed limit warning. Activated by a switch on the leather-bound steering wheel, a warning chime sounds when a pre-set speed limit is breached.

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About the name, it's just a pun on the name of the car it's based on, the Micra C+C as in, well, "Coupé + Cabriolet". By calling this concept "Colour +" they know that, journalists putting the word "concept" right after the name, the "C+C" thing will be restored smoothly.

But anyway, what's the point of a concept where the colour is the pretty much the only thing that changes from the production model already sold since, like, 2004 or something?