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The Aussie boys at MotorAuthority get the chance to have their embargoes break so much earlier than we do โ€” like with this new Batman-like concept car for the Frankfurt Auto Show called the Mixim. With those big gullwing doors, it's hard not to feel it's designed for a superhero. Here's what else the kids down under have to say:

"The new Mixim is a compact vehicle that sports a centrally mounted driver's seat with two passenger seats fitted on either side. Targeted towards the youth market, the interior features a computer inspired layout with diamond-shaped cut-outs littering the cabin.

Powering the concept is Nissan's 'Super Motor' electric powertrain running on a compact lithium-ion battery array. The drivetrain features two independent motors, one driving the front axle and the other spinning the rear and in effect gives the car AWD capability. "


We'll hopefully have the full press release from Nissan later today. [via Motor Authority]

UPDATE: Nissan just released their second concept car they'll be unveiling at the Frankfurt Auto Show โ€” it's called the Micra Colour Concept +. Yes, it's got a plus sign in the name.