Next-Generation Toyota GT86 To Be Called GR86: Report

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Photo: Justin Westbrook (Jalopnik)

The Toyota GT86 is getting long in the tooth and there’s been much talk of the next generation. This discussion concerns the next car’s name, and word is Toyota might drop the “GT” moniker.


The GT86's yet-unnamed successor will reportedly be called the GR86—the “GR” no doubt standing for Gazoo Racing, Toyota’s sporting line, according to Autocar. It’s common knowledge Toyota boss Akio Toyoda is a strong supporter of fun, so this tracks.

Per Autocar:

The original GT86 pre-dated the creation of that brand, which started with the GR Supra and will also include the GR Yaris, the first model developed purely by Gazoo Racing. The next GT86 is set to be rebranded to bring it in line with that nomenclature.

The outlet also believes the next GT86 will be built on Toyota’s highly versatile TNGA platform.

In the past, we’ve reported the upcoming GT86 and Subaru BRZ might produce more power because the new cars could use a version of Subaru’s turbocharged, boxer flat-four engine that’s found in the Subaru Ascent. Currently, that engine is rated at 260 horsepower and 277 lb-ft of torque. If anyone ever had complaints about the GT86/BRZ, it’s that their naturally aspirated engines didn’t make enough power.

I hope the GR86 will be legitimately cool and deserving of the GR nomenclature. It wasn’t that long ago Toyota unveiled its Japan-only GR performance line and it was, uh, sort of meh. But I’m staying positive because the new GR Yaris is totally bitchin’.

We’ve reached out to Toyota for confirmation on the new name and will update if we hear back.

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Lemme get my Nomex suit on here... one sec...


All youse who claim the current iteration of the GT86 doesn’t have enough power are out of your goddammed minds.

What it DOES have is an ugly torque curve, particularly in the mid-range, which makes it SEEM like it doesn’t have enough power.