New Genesis Concept Promises Big Surprise In Small Package (Updated: New Pic)

Screenshot: Genesis

Not too long ago, a Genesis was a Hyundai sports coupe. Now that Genesis is its own luxury brand, it’s so far produced fairly standard premium sedans. But something’s coming to the New York Auto Show this week, and it promises to be something fun in a small package.


What we see here is a teaser image of the front fascia of whatever the concept is. The winged element of the brand’s logo has been integrated into a cool-looking headlight effect, and the overall nose doesn’t seem too big, but we don’t really have a reference of scale. But the company is saying this is small, so that’s promising.

There’s a few reasons I don’t think this will be a sports car concept, though. For one, Genesis did that last year with the Essentia Concept, which people seemed to enjoy, and we don’t really know if it went anywhere.

Additionally, Genesis doesn’t even have a crossover or SUV on sale yet, which it almost certainly needs to be profitable, as nobody survives only off of sedans anymore. Is it possible this concept is inconceivably somehow another sedan, sized smaller than the G70? Would Genesis go full city car on us?

Judging by the seemingly solid and flat design of the face, it also seems like this will be some kind of hybrid or full electric car, so maybe it’s more of a hint at the design and technological direction for the brand in the coming years.


Electric sedans are the name of the game right now, with the pioneering Tesla Model S joined by the Model 3 and the upcoming Porsche Taycan, Audi E-Tron GT, and BMW i4, not to mention the electric crossovers creeping in. It’s probably closer to something in that vein.

When I think of big surprises in small packages, I think of a puppy on Christmas. I would like this concept to make me feel that feeling. Whatever it is, though, I think a small sports coupe would just be too good to be true, so I’m not getting my hopes up.


Update: Here’s a better picture of the side silhouette.

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