Netflix's Drive To Survive, The Only Good F1 Show, Looks Even Better In Season Two

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Gif: Netflix (YouTube)

Get hyped, everyone, because Formula One: Drive to Survive’s second season will be available on Netflix later this month, on February 28. And according to the newest trailer, we’re going to get to see all sorts of good, dramatic shit that happened in 2019.

You can check out the trailer below:

If you watched the first season, you’ll probably remember that Ferrari and Mercedes both opted out of participating, which took the focus away from the big teams with boring stories to middle- and bottom-tier teams with much more interesting ones. These in-depth explorations are exactly what you don’t often hear about if you just follow F1's own race coverage.


This season, though, all teams and drivers agreed to participate. That means we’re likely to see Mercedes’ worst race, the Rich Energy fiasco, Ferrari’s disastrous championship pursuit, Carlos Sainz Jr.’s first ever podium, and Pierre Gasly’s promotion and demotion. After all, the clip starts out with the two teams we didn’t hear from last year, assuring us that yes we will definitely see them.

The trailer is exceptionally dramatic, and I hate to admit that it’s getting me excited because I like to retain an aloof and ironic distance from all the things I care about... but I’m excited. It’s been surprisingly refreshing to watch a well-made series highlighting some of the behind-the-scenes F1 moments that we don’t even get via the daily news grind.


Cancel your plans for February 28, because it’s going to be time for a good old fashioned Netflix binge.