NASCAR drivers love them some Twitter, so when someone calling themselves "EPICSWAGG" hacked a popular NASCAR driver's account this weekend many saw the spamming tweets. What "EPICSWAGG" didn't know was that Mark Martin β€” the driver who'd been hacked β€” has a great sense of humor and figured out how to turn the tables on the hacker.

Mark Martin is not your typical 53-year-old NASCAR driver from Florida. He's a fitness junkie with an abiding love for hip hop (recent favorites include Gucci Mane and his all-time favorite album is Dr. Dre's "The Chronic").

The driver has around 60,000 followers, all of whom were treated to a bit of spam when Martin made the mistake of clicking a bad link while logged into his account. The person (or bot) who took over his account renamed it EPICSWAGG.


As a rap fan Martin was immediately aware of what swag means and, though he described being hacked as feeling "naked," he figured out a way to get it back.

"Epic Swagg stole my name last saturday so this weekend I'm stealing his," Martin told reporters. "We'll run Epic Swagg above the driver's window where my name is usually. What do they say? 'Turnabout is fair play.'"


It's unclear whether he'll run it as "EPIC SWAG" (the correct form) or EPICSWAGG (the hacked form).

Photo Credit: Getty Images