Another weekend, another fight at a NASCAR race. This one involved two Richard Childress Racing crewmen who were arrested early Saturday morning after police say they started a fight with a driver from a rival team.

According to AOL Sporting News, crew members Michael Searce, 50, and Thomas Costello, 35, have both been charged with misdemeanor assault. They have since been released from jail.

The fight was apparently sparked by an on-track confrontation during Friday's Nationwide Series race between driver Nelson Piquet Jr. and RCR driver Brian Scott, which can be seen in the video above (once again described on the official NASCAR YouTube page with two exclamation marks after the word "fight.")

Scott confronted Piquet for crashing into him, and when they returned to the pit road, Piquet shoved Scott and kicked him in the groin.

The Los Angeles Times reports that after that scuffle occurred, the RCR crew members confronted Piquet and a group of others in the motorhome area. This led to their arrests on the assault charges. One person was injured, but Piquet was not.


It's been a fight-y season for NASCAR so far. Just last month a fight broke out between Joey Logano and Denny Hamlin's crew at a Sprint Cup race.

Somehow, I don't think that promoting this kind of thing on YouTube is really what the sport needs, but what do I know.