NASA to Establish Moon Base, Moonage Planned by 2024

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The National Aeronautics and Space administration announced plans today for a permanent base on the moon in the future. In order that the scientists and astronauts can haul building materials and gear about the surface NASA will employ moon rovers, most likely constructed of space-age polymers. At last our tax dollars will be put to good use for moon donuts, moon burnouts, moon drifting, and high banks crater carving maximum moonage. NASA eventually plans on a fleet of pressurized rovers in order folks can drive about sans bulky space suits.

[NASA Spaceflight]

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^athf reference. nice.

NASA's only a pair of letters away from NASCAR...

'Welcome back to Fox's coverage of the Apollo 1300, from Coca-Cola Interplanetary Speedway in the Moon's Schumacher* Crater. Matt Martin and Stephen Wallace are battling firecely for the lead...'

*seriously. theres a schumacher crater. not named for michael or tony, but still...