Naked Dancing Woman On 18-Wheeler Shuts Down Houston Freeway

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The westbound lanes of Highway 290 were shut down near Houston this morning thanks to a crash as well as a naked, dancing woman on top of a semi truck. Let it be known that this is not the ideal place we’d recommend to get your groove on.

According to KHOU, the crash occurred just before 9 a.m. involved three vehicles, however, getting the woman off the top of one of the semi trucks has complicated the matter somewhat.


Obviously, this is slowing the eastbound lanes of the freeway as well. We can’t keep from rubbernecking at a normal accident here, much less one where a lady is just letting it all hang out.

Fortunately, the local fire department is working on moving her safely off the trailer.


The Houston Chronicle reports that the woman is believed to have been involved in the morning crash on Highway 290, after which she mounted the roof of the big rig.


Houston, y’all have to stop doing things in the middle of the freeway.


UPDATE: According to a more detailed report on Jezebel, it was later determined that the three-car wreck was caused by the woman walking into traffic. Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department Public Information Officer Brian Shirley described the situation as a “psychiatric emergency” to the Houston Chronicle.


Shirley explained to the Houston Chronicle:

Our biggest challenge was treating the patient with respect and dignity and getting her down safely...It was really tough trying to keep things calm when people were driving by and yelling and not being very nice about things.


The woman remained atop the truck for two hours before being taken to a local hospital for evaluation.

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Photo credit: Houston TranStar via KHOU

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