Mystery Solved! Veritas RS3 Going Into Production

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When we first saw the Veritas RS3 testing on the Nürburgring, we assumed it was just a one-off of some sort. But then it popped up again in a video from BridgeToGantry, and we started wondering if there was more to the story. Surely it couldn't be, not in today's crazy world, that a sleek monoposto would actually be built as something that mere mortals can buy. Despite our doubts, we now hear that Veritas is indeed planning on producing the RS3 single-seat roadster, complete with a 5.0-liter V10 from the BMW M5.


For good measure, that M-Power V10 has been massaged, now making 600 HP in the Veritas. That's a lot of power for any vehicle, but in a car that weighs a mere 2360 pounds, it's downright insane. The launch from 0-62 MPH should take just 3.2 seconds. If you keep on it, you'll hit a top speed of 216 MPH! Even if you were capable of carrying a passenger, they'd likely pass out from the g-forces. With just seven people in the company, Veritas' RS3 will be limited to just 50 units per year, when production starts at the end of 2008. And if a roofless single-seater simply isn't practical enough for you, the company hopes to make closed-top versions as well.
[via CarScoop]

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The best part is, with that awkward flat shape next to the driver's hole (not a seat, but more like a pit of insanity) you know they could have contemplated putting accommodations for a passenger there. But NO! This machine is far too FOCUSED! And EXTREME! And HARDCORE! Passengers are extraneous weight! They must be eradicated!

Dwight Schrute would be proud.