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Mystery Nürburgring Roadster Identified?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There's a lot of buzz nowadays about secret prototypes testing their on-track capabilities on Germany's famed Nürburgring. But while most cars are easily identifiable despite their heavy camouflage, this silver roadster is just sitting around undisguised, and we still aren't exactly sure what it is. This clear shot was captured just today by a fellow Jalop, Mike. It's the freshest clue yet to the mystery that was started not too long ago by these shots. Since then, there have been some claiming to have closed the case, but the surfacing of this new photograph is cause for a re-investigation.

While there's no eyewitness testimony, all the physical evidence points to one suspect: the Veritas RS3. A concept vehicle from 2001, the RS3 was Veritas' attempt to re-gain some of their early post-war BMW racing glory. Its 670 HP 6.0-liter BMW V12 was huge power for a car that weighed about 2100 pounds total. But don't get too caught up in those specs, because we're not too sure that's the exact same car as this mystery roadster. Yes, most of the basic visual elements of the car appear to be identical, but look at the differences. The headlights and the perforated hood are especially distinct, but who knows what other changes may lurk under the skin. So what is this thing? And what is it doing at the 'ring? Is it a one-off for a rich customer or a prototype readying for mass production? Well, keep your eyes peeled on the live web cam at the 'ring, and maybe we'll find some more clues. [, MotorAuthority]
Hat Tip to Mike!