My Civic wagon is kind of cool...

It's got a B18b engine swap out of a '96 Integra, a killer paint job that's Nissan D-12 tank green off of the Xterra, and some sweet Enkei 92's with Yokohama S drives for some old school flavor but new school handling. It also has a set of Recaro's from an old Volkswagen GTI.

Now the biggest question should be "Why in the hell did you build this?"

Well, to be honest, it's kind of funny. I can't fit in a Honda legs don't have anywhere to go with the door panels. But I really wanted one because it's a great car for the money and handles wonderfully in my opinion. So I wanted that F-series high revving power in something else. I had a couple old Corollas before and knew that would fit, but I wanted something bigger...I wanted...a wagon. The '83 Civic wagon uses leaf springs in the rear, so I thought I could put a Ford Explorer rear end underneath it, trim the cars center tunnel and jam it all in there. S2000 wagon come to life! Well, that would be a great way to waste $10,000 if I had it laying around.


Instead, I bought an $800 Integra from my friend, pulled the swap out and sold the shell for $700 and the rest is history. Speaking of History, Top Gear season 3 premiers tomorrow night on History. We drive the new police cars in the show, including this one.

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