Illustration for article titled GM Recalls 36,413 Police Impalas Over Serious Crash Risk

After receiving complaints from several police departments that lower control arms had cracked on a number of 2008-2012 police spec Impalas, General Motors pulled the trigger on a recall, offering to replace the lower control arms on more than 36,000 vehicles free of charge.

The suspension parts used in police interceptors is different from those on civilian Impalas, so only police departments have been affected by the recall, which will begin Aug. 21.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that the cracks, which generally occurred near a bushing sleeve on the lower control arm, caused a significant crash risk increase and, you know, the chance of... fiery death.


We would guess so, especially considering that police cars are a bit more likely than their civilian counterparts to be involved in high speed pursuit and offroad scenarios.

All of the cars were manufactured at GM's plant in Oshawa, Ontario. We're not sure that has anything to do with anything, but we're glad they'll be cranking out an all new Impala soon.


Photo credit: General Motors

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