Morris Minor 1000 Convertible

We've seen a few British cars in this series, including a'59 Morris Minor, a '62 Mini, a '69 MGC-GT, and a '78 Jaguar XJ-6, but it's been months since the last one. That's why I'm going with this very clean Morris 1000 convertible for today's DOTS machine. You British-car experts should feel free to put on your anoraks and make with the exact year identification on this thing, because I can't narrow it down any closer than the 1956-62 range.


This car has lived on the island for quite a while, and it runs fine. Its owner also has the '69 Olds Cutlass convertible we saw not long ago, plus a '69 Dodge Dart we haven't seen yet. And that's not all the cool old iron on this block- just across the street from this stable of street-parked classics is the home of the '47 Plymouth and the '54 Ford. Yes, Alameda truly is the Island That Time Forgot!


The interior is in excellent condition, and looks all original (except for the aftermarket gauge cluster and door speakers).


A no-rust British 50s British convertible is a rare sight in most places, but this is just another day down on the Alameda street!

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