More Replicas from Duesen Bayern

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If you thought those Japanese Europhiles at Duesen Bayern stopped at Fiat 500s, you'd be missing out on the company's premier properties. Owners of BMW Z3s can choose from two retro-Teutonic guises, a modded Mercedes 190 SL (the Mystar) and a similar variant (Agnes). The body kits are made from reinforced plastic and fiberglass, and will fit on any of the BMW roadsters up to the 3.0i model. Goggles and tweed cap optional.

Cinquecento Bento: The Duesen Bayern Ritz [internal]

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Something about putting a retro front and rear clip on a modern car and leaving everything else the alone makes my eyes hurt. This reminds me of one of those "Easy Rods" that are based on late 80's-early 90's T-Birds. I'm not sure which is worse, but I do think that Jeremy Clarkson needs to round up the lot and execute them all in creative fashion.