Cinquecento Bento: The Duesen Bayern Ritz

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If you find yourself in Japan, bored with the look of your Nissan Micra, just call Duesen Bayern. Don't worry, it's a local call. The Japanese company builds replicas of European iron from other hardware. Such is the company's the Ritz model, for example, for which the company refits a Micra with sheetmetal add-ons to bring out its inner Fiat 500. Sure the dimensions aren't perfect, but they'd still be a hit at the Venetian in Las Vegas.


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The 190sl from a Z3 on the same page is by far more impressive. I remember driving my dad's 190sl (which he still has) as a kid and it was great. Sure the car had no AC (Texas summers), the clutch was punishing, the brakes were heh, and the car was floaty and heavy and not really that fast, but it looked fantastic. Driving something like that but with some more modern driving dynamics sounds like a hoot.