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Some of the greatest homebrew car builds happen when people can’t fit into their vehicles. For example, there was that two-row DeLorean, then there was that Mercedes 190D camper, and that Mercury Sable/Ford Bronco II camper from earlier this week. And now there’s a Honda Fit economy car, whose occupants apparently didn’t quite, well, fit.

This comes to us from a reader named Mitch, who spotted the first-gen Fit camper in a parking lot in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He points out that the vehicle appears to have been cut in half, with a homemade camper having been grafted to the tail-end.


The strangest part of Mitch’s email is that he mentioned a meatloaf pan being used as a mirror, and a pie plate having been repurposed as a gas cap. “What the?” I wondered.

Then I looked a bit closer. Hot damn, that does look like a meatloaf pan:


And that is a pie plate covering the fuel filler!:


The whole thing is just bizarre, especially the height of the rear doors. The setup allows for a decent departure angle, but how do you even get into this thing without a ladder? Is there a pass-through to the cockpit, I wonder? What does it look like inside?


I have many questions.

But among them isn’t whether or not I like this contraption. Because I think it’s fantastic.

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