Holy Crap, Someone Built a Camper Out of Two Ford Broncos and a 1986 Mercury Sable

Internet-classifieds car engineering takes the technological limitations that exist to real engineers and fires them straight into the sun. And if you’re not convinced of that after having seen the Cadillac snowmobile limo or the Cadillac Seville car hauler, then behold this amazing 1986 Mercury Sable camper, which has two Ford Bronco IIs welded to its rear end.


Sent to me by a reader named Chris, this contraption is being sold on Facebook Marketplace by a fellow out of Kentucky named Bill, who’s got an asking price of $1,500 and a very basic description reading “Need to be done in side.”

I messaged Bill, and he was brief, but told me something that blew my mind. “It is a 1986 mercury sable front wheel drive,” he told me. “It got a Chevy rear end and a trailer axle the back of it is made out of 2 Ford Broncos it run and drives good.”

Upon reading this, light beamed from the windows of my apartment. It got brighter. And brighter. And eventually, it was blinding. My mind rushed, trying discern what I had just read. Mercury Sable+(2 x Ford Bronco II) = DOES NOT COMPUTE. I typed this equation into my TI-89 calculator, and it immediately burst into flames.

Typing that equation into my favorite math-solving website, WolframAlpha, was also fruitless.

But then it hit me. Those windows on the back—yes, holy crap. Those DO look familiar.


They’re totally Bronco II windows! And even the sheetmetal is from Bronco IIs. Just look at the character line in the image above, and compare it to the image below:

Image: Ford via autominded.net
Image: Ford via autominded.net

Apparently the interior needs to be finished up and I bet that maybe-140 horsepower motor isn’t ideal for hauling duties, but hey, a running and driving camper for only $1,500? Plus, one that’s as unique as this? Count me in.


My calculator and my online equation-solver may not have managed to figure out this amazing Craigslist machine, but I just did a bit of arithmetic on a dirty napkin, and came up with the definitive answer: Mercury Sable+(2 x Ford Bronco II) = Most Jalop camper ever.

[h/t: Chris]

Correction Dec. 18, 2018 3:48 ET: I initially wrote that this thing is a Mercury Topaz. Turns out, it’s a Sable. I’ve corrected that throughout the story, and vow to brush up on my Malaise-era Mercury vehicle knowledge.


Turning Jalopanese, the refreshing choice

Exhibit A on why Jellopicnic is a rad place to visit: Like 10 people saw that turd pile up there and immediately went “That ain’t no ‘86 Topaz, that’s a Sable!” God bless you weirdos.