What has animated pitchmen, a guy in a monkey suit, a damsel in distress and a truck with seats that are "soft like she-ape"? While we can't imagine what else might fit this criteria, this 1969 Dodge truck advertisement certainly does.

This 1969 Dodge truck commercial is another late 1960s/early 1970s advertising gem from the company who brought you the story of Eliot and his girlfriend upgrading Charger 500 we saw a couple months ago. This commercial opens with a blond photographer taking pictures of the animated "Dodge boys" in front of a shoddily made cage. The cage holds a man in a monkey suit. Not surprisingly, the monkey man easily escapes and kidnaps the blonde photographer. While the Dodge boys are nowhere to be found, the blonde photographer is saved from an unknown fate when the man in the monkey suit forgets his kidnapping in progress to inspect the 1969 Dodge truck.

What the monkey man finds is a Dodge sport truck that "makes tough roads look like sissies". In addition to the previously mentioned She-ape soft interior the Dodge features "Car like bumpers" and several other options. From the air conditioning that "made winter come early" to what sounds like a very late 60s stereo system, the kidnapping monkey man makes a convincing case for the "Sport truck". We have to wonder how many buyers took the monkey's advice and went to their Dodge dealer. While the days of primate costumed advertising spokesmen may be gone forever it's amusing to know they existed in the first place.