Buy a 1970 Dodge Charger 500, Get a Hotter Girlfriend

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1970 was the last year of the second generation Dodge Charger. Available for the first time with the 390 HP 440 six-pack V8, according to the advertising it would help you dump your wife-to-be for some swinging 70s babes.

Did you think everything was going well? Did you just buy a new 1970 Dodge Charger 500 and then by some miracle get it onto a sandy beach? Were you going to propose to your nagging but loyal girlfriend of 3, no 4 years? So was Elliot, the protagonist of this very early 70s Dodge commercial, until out of the blue some much more fun girls with much less clothing appeared at his window.

Dodge had the same amount of concern suggesting the Charger would get you attractive women as Elliot had leaving the woman he loved 35 seconds before hand in a cloud of sand. The concept of easy blatant marketing was as seductive as a couple of cute brunettes not wearing a lot of clothing. It seems to be these kinds of decisions that made you Dodge material in the early 70s.


Although the Youtube title suggests this commercial was banned, I don't buy it. This ad was a little ridiculous and suggestive, but so were the early 70s. The 1970 Charger remains very desirable even if parking one today will more likely draw a crowd of car obsessed men than scantily clad 70s beach babes.