Missing College Student From Craigslist Deal Found Murdered

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Last month we reported on a CSUN student who went missing soon after selling his car on Craigslist. On Thursday police arrested a suspect and recovered the body of Abdullah Alkadi; he had been stabbed to death.


In a KESQ.com report local police have charged 28 year old Agustin Fernandez with the murder and carjacking. Fernandez was the person who purchased Alkadi's car and police say that he killed Alkadi to keep the car and the money. According to authorities Alkadi was stabbed at his home then Fernandez dumped his body near the I-10 freeway in Palm Desert, between the Cook and Washington exits.


After his arrest Fernandez gave statements to police that led them to Alkadi's body.

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This is more reason why you always have someone with you at a craigslist transaction. Both parties. No exceptions.

And preferably meet in a public place.

And also it doesn't hurt if the someone with you has a Glock.