Mini Has Five Very Different Models Coming Through 2020

The 2016 Mini Clubman is just the first in a line of new Minis, so can you guess their next five moves?


Five “very distinguishable” new models until 2020 is what someone in the know told me on my recent Mini Clubman drive in Stockholm. These new cars will join the Hatch, the 5-Door and the new Clubman. One of those will be the new Countryman, which my colleagues recently chased around California, but what about the rest?

There’s the sexy Superleggera Roadster concept, but last we heard production status on that was still a “maybe.” Mini’s previous adventures into the cabrio and coupe territory are now claimed to have been designed to stay at niche numbers all along, but the company certainly wants to push further in this round, so who knows where they’ll expand next?

Take your bets!

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