Mid-Engine Corvette Mule Spotted On Michigan Streets

GM’s newest mid-engine monster is getting spotted testing a lot. Going for McDonalds. Going racing. Going to Germany. It won’t be spotted at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit next month, but that doesn’t stop GM’s engineers from driving around in full camo, ready to get spotted. This one was spied by @rhurren505 and @njhurren on Instagram today way up in The Thumb (Port Huron) of Michigan.


We’ve discussed in the past that the new car, alleged to be a mid-engine Corvette, occasionally called the Zora, looks a bit like a Corvette merged with a Ferrari and a McLaren then got spun up in a centrifuge machine. It’s a bit angular, a bit wide hips, a bit beautiful, and a bit ungainly at the same time. In camo, I’m a fan. We’ll see what it actually looks like when it’s shown in final production form.

The interesting bit of this Instagram post is the door panel, shown below. This is the first time we’ve seen any indication of what the interior of this mid-engine car might look like. From this angle the door looks to have a HUGE cutout for the driver’s left arm. This could be an indication that the seats are flung out to the outer reaches of the cockpit, as a mid-engine car often is. That door panel also looks a bit austere for a high-end sports car, so it’s possible that the pre-production door panel doesn’t look anything like what is coming down the line.

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In any case, it’s a good spot of a very good car. Personally, I hope Chevrolet is inventing a new sports car that won’t be named Corvette at all, and slotting this in above the alleged front-engine C8. Make Chevrolet have three tiers of sports car. That brand deserves it. And for good measure, make a new Cadillac XLR while you’re at it.



We still don’t know that it is a Corvette, right?