Microsoft Built This Ridiculous Windows-Powered Retromod Mustang

Everyone jabbers on about an Apple iCar, but what if Microsoft built a car? You'd get this — a 1967 Mustang body on a 2012 Mustang with blazing lights, Windows Phone controls, an Xbox 360, and tablets everywhere. Called "Project Detroit," it's actually the Windows Vista of Mustangs.


Designed by the occasionally clever/usually tacky team at West Coast Custom and filled with tech by Microsoft at the behest of the software giant, the Project Detroit Mustang is an interesting blend of good, bad, and ridiculous.

On the good side, the grafting of (we assume) one of Ford's reproduced Mustang bodies onto the 2012 Ford Mustang GT platform appears thoughtfully crafted. The interior trim matches up quite well and the matte black body is banging. The alpine blue LED lights in the grille with a Windows logo is a nice KITT-like touch.

Unfortunately, the inclusion of unnecessarily large wheels with built-in lights screams tasteless casemod and ruins what could have been a stellar stance. It's how you know it's a WCC job.

Microsoft provided the ridiculous with the addition of a Best Buy airport kiosk's worth of Microsoft electronics communicating through a built-in WiFi network. The car can be located, unlocked, and remotely started from a Nokia Windows Phone (like you've been able to do on an iPhone for years).


The gauge cluster has been replaced with a touchscreen and a Windows tablet adorns the passenger-side dashboard. From there the passenger can surf the web or, more importantly, send messages to others via a display in the rear windshield. They can also play not-at-all-distracting Xbox games.


There are Kinects embedded throughout the car that allow live audio/video streaming between the car and a Windows Phone or the on-board screens.

Because that's totally necessary.


As expected from a Microsoft project, there are a lot of interesting ideas and a few awful ones thrown into one package.

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