Apple made its reputation on industry-changing computer products and has expressed little interest in producing cars, but people love to speculate. Here are Jalopnik reader's picks for ten things to look for in an 'Apple Car' if Apple is ever crazy enough to jump into the market.

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Photo Credit: Saab


10.) There would be few color options

Suggested By: Is that a rain coat?

Why it's so Cupertino: Except for the smaller iPods, the average Mercedes showroom is a florist shop compared to the Apple product lineup. Expect a hypothetical rollout palette to include black, white, and maybe brushed aluminum.


Photo Credit: AP

9.) You wouldn't be able to fix it yourself

Suggested By: Joel Scheib

Why it's so Cupertino: Cars are becoming ever more complex and integrated, and packaging is becoming ever more difficult, so the opportunity for the end user to radically customize (or even just change the oil filter) might be a thing of the past.


Photo Credit: Dave Pinter

8.) It would effectively use existing ideas

Suggested By: Hadaken

Why it's so Cupertino: Audi didn't invent all-wheel-drive for the road or exhaust-gas turbocharging, but they made them work incredibly well. Similarly, Apple didn't invent GUI or the MP3 player, they just made them available to the broad consumer market and made everyone else play catch-up.


Photo Credit: Tom Ellis

7.) It would be a study in industrial design

Suggested By: bearslayer

Why it's so Cupertino: An Apple product has no rough edges or unresolved details. It's clean, it's artful, and it's all focused towards making the product work. Sometimes there's curious details, but it's a forgone conclusion that someone thought long and hard about them, and they usually (not always, but usually) work.


Photo Credit: Aston Martin

6.) It would be easy to use

Suggested By: Pinzgauer in Hawaii

Why it's so Cupertino: Pick up an iPod and within thirty seconds you've probably got the basic controls figured out; within five minutes you've mastered it. You could sit in an Apple car, know where everything is intuitively, and in no time be capably getting everything out of it.


Photo Credit: Honda

5.) It would emphasize the experience over the numbers

Suggested By: Chairman Kaga

Why it's so Cupertino: Apple products aren't the fastest or the cheapest or the "most"; they just work exceptionally well for real-world tasks for real-world people, and allow those people to feel like they know what they're doing — because they do know what they're doing.


Photo Credit: Audi of America

4.) It would be a paragon of functionality

Suggested By: Ash78, the guy with the Saab Draken tattoo

Why it's so Cupertino: Your laptop is a recording studio. Your phone is a video camera. Your car carries four people and cargo in comfort and dignity over battered two-lane roads and Autobahnen and suburban traffic. It may not excel in any one thing, but it does a lot of things very, very well.


Photo Credit: Volkswagen of America

3.) It would be a cult icon

Suggested By: primalzer

Why it's so Cupertino: Apple fanboys are second to none in their devotion to the brand, and consequently have very high expectations. ("No iPhone 5? The horror!") They will be present in droves to judge and consider and accept or reject as they interpret the Gospel of Steve.


Photo Credit: The Car Spy

2.) It would attract the haters

Suggested By: MC Brian1321

Why it's so Cupertino: Along with the fanboys are the naysayers. Too expensive! Not fast enough! You're a hipster! My cousin's friend bought one and the chips weren't soldered in right! Scurrilous rumors and ill-grounded grudges are a part of life, and maybe something of an ironic badge of honor.


Photo Credit: Tomasz Wagner

1.) It would be intensely desirable from the beginning

Suggested By: TimTim

Why it's so Cupertino: Even with the cult and beyond the iconoclasts, there is usually something hugely desirable about Apple stuff. It's just wantable. See it, like it, start saving for it, enjoy it.


Photo Credit: Subaru