Michigan Eats Honda Accord

Photo: Momo Alyafi

If a street has been barricaded for construction, it’s not wise to drive past those barricades, lest you injure a construction worker. There also might be a massive hole in the street, like this one, on Goodson Street in Hamtramck, Michigan.

Momo Alyafi posted this photo to Facebook Wednesday, along with an additional photo showing police at the scene. It’s a bit unclear when this happened, though police told the Detroit Free Press the driver was ticketed for reckless driving.

Hamtramck Police Chief Anne Moise told the Free Press Friday that the hole was not actually a pothole, but was a construction site where a water main break was being repaired.

“The street was properly barricaded, in fact the whole street was blocked,” Moise said. “The driver apparently went around those barricades and then struck barricades that were surrounding the construction site. ... It was all properly posted and barricaded.”

Moise added that work on the water break was completed that same day and confirmed the hole has been filled in.

Photo: Momo Alyafi

Hamtramck is sensitive about throwing the word pothole around, probably because the Detroit metro area has a pretty big pothole problem in general. But it’s fair to say that if a construction crew digs a giant fuckin’ hole in the street, that indeed is not a proper pothole, just a hole. If you’re not terribly bright, and you ignore construction barriers, you probably deserve what comes next, though, as David Tracy mentioned to us, this hole would also make for a fine torture test.

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