Mercedes Will Paint Your Terrifying SLS AMG Black Series Yellow For Just $18,000

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The Mercedes SLS AMG Black is the Four Loko of supercars: A hyped up adrenaline beast that will definitely kill you if you use it incorrectly.

There are a number of improvements and changes that will come standard, like more power, a wider body, and more carbon fiber.


The options list shows just how much the options will cost in Canada, eh. I'm expecting these prices to be about the same in America, since converting to US dollars only subtracts a little off the options. As far as I can tell, the wheels and Bang and Olufsen stereo are the only options that aren't made of carbon fiber.

Exterior, TBC
601 designo Exclusive leather / Alcantara in Black -STD
H73 AMG - carbon fiber trim- STD
31P - AMG Extended interior carbon fiber trim - $5,100
255 - Performance media system - STD.
281 - AMG Performance steering wheel - STD
657 - 19"/ 20" AMG mixed 5-spoke forged wheels with matte black inlay - STD
658 - 19'/20" AMG Mixed 5-spoke forgeed wheels in matte black - $2,800
773 - AMG carbon fiber exterior trim- mirror backs - $2,200
811- B&O Performance surround sound system - $6,500
B07- AMG Carbon Ceramic Brake System - STD.
B14 - Carbon fiber Engine Compartment Cover - $6,000
B26- AMG Aerodynamics Package - STD

The only other non carbon fiber option is that yellow paint on the show car. It'll set you back a mere $18,000.

Base price hasn't been announced, but is anticipated to be around $300,000. If you need reminding, the SLS AMG Black has 622 horsepower, 468 pound feet of torque, and weighs 3,417 pounds. It will get to 60 mph in about 3.5 seconds and looks like the devil incarnate.


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...and just like Four Loko its for people without the gift of taste.