Aiming for the top of the poseur shopping list, Mercedes-Benz announced that they will be making nineteen SL 63 AMG World Championship Collector's Edition cars, one for each track on the Formula One calendar.

Don't be fooled by all the fancy track outlines. We doubt this one will leave the carefully monitored confines of the public road. Many track days ban convertibles entirely unless some form of roll protection (e.g. a roll bar or cage) is installed, making all the race track outlines on the special edition hard-top 'vert SL 63's floor mats and storage bins look only slightly more at home here than they would on, say, a spatula.


There's always parade laps, though, and you'll be able to parade in the utmost comfort with these special edition SL 63s. Those meatily bolstered seats look like the most comfortable quilted automotive barcaloungers to have ever been installed in a special edition super-convertible.

But who cares if you're posin' hard? Lewis Hamilton picked out the design flourishes for the black and gold version, and Nico Rosberg with the white and silver.


You, potential buyer and scourge of Cars and Coffees everywhere, may have zero track time to your name, but that's just fine because the team behind your car is comprised of Formula One World Champions for 2014.


Never you fear, there's still enough horsepower to wrap yourself around a tree on Lime Creek Road. Underneath all the shiny F1-inspired baubles still lies a powerful SL 63 AMG, complete with a 585 hp, 5.5 liter twin-turbo V8.

All of this extra badging tacked onto a bog standard SL 63 AMG will cost $399,630 for one of the two cars, or $785,890 for the pair.

The de-track-badged version of the SL 63 AMG retails for $148,050.

(H/T Hypebeast)


Photo credits: Mercedes-Benz