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There’s already a small but burgeoning resistance against Mercedes-Benz (and other automakers) filling lineups with ugly melted sloping “coupe” crossovers that don’t make any damn sense. Today there is victory, for Mercedes has ruled out any form of convertible crossover, at least for now.


That’s sourced straight from the mouth of the exterior design director for Mercedes-Benz, Robert Lesnik, in an interview with Wheels:

“What for?” Lesnik replied when asked about the potential for a Merc SUV convertible.

“To sell 500 cars or whatever?”

“If it’s easy to do, then why not, you could have nothing to lose. But to do a whole car for it – for an idea that nobody really asked for – well there’s a reason there’s only one car on the market,” he said, referring to Range Rover’s ragtop Evoque.

He goes on to explain that it isn’t easy for Mercedes to do right now, anyway, because they don’t currently offer any two-door crossovers or SUVs like Range Rover does.

Lesnik confirmed that they’ve never even mocked it up in sketch or model. We can rest easy this night. And, actually, I would much rather automakers like BMW and Mercedes go ahead and offer real two-door coupe crossovers over the weird stuff they’re doing now. It would probably be better proportioned and overall just cooler. Then you could make a convertible, and on a good day, I just might label a genuine convertible coupe crossover Not That Bad. Am I insane now?

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