You take great pride in your Mercedes-Benz. So much so that when you see another Mercedes-Benz on the road, you are filled with rage and jealousy. This is not the way to handle those feelings. Please!

Below is a video of two Mercedes-Benz SUVs slamming back and forth into each other in the middle of traffic, for no apparent reason other than anger. What we do know is that it’ll hurt your wallet and your very soul to watch that incredibly expensive G-Wagen dent itself into oblivion, especially up against the very plebeian ML-Class SUV.


Here, have a look at a textbook example of what not to do when you get mad at someone on the road:

Just imagine taking that Mercedes G63 to the shop and having someone ask you what happened to the poor thing. “I... uh... got mad at this other Mercedes on the road and we rammed each other back and forth rather than doing what everyone else does and just yelling about how stupid the other person is.”

The Facebook page that uploaded the video captioned it “Verkeersruzie in Rusland,” which roughly translates from Dutch to English as “traffic noise in Russia.” It looks a like more than just than noise, but, you know, the only kind of detailing needed here is the kind that’ll make that G-Wagen look new again.

via CarScoops

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