Megasquirted 2002 on the Streets of San Francisco

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Last night, we popped by the 500 Club in San Francisco with Friend o' tha Jalop Melissa. The place was reasonably packed, so we asked a couple of guys if we could share their booth. We got to chitchatting about jobs and whatnot (In SF, introductions are more often than not followed by the inevitable "So, what do you do?"); we explained that we are one of the people that exist in the form of, and John mentioned that he had a 2002. We asked if he'd seen Finkbuilt Steve's Megasquirt conversion. Turns out, he was fully aware of it, and what's more, had done a Megasquirt conversion of his own. More impressively, the 2002 is his first project; he'd never really turned a wrench in anger before starting work on the '73 Bimmer.

So during a ciggy break, we went out and checked out the car. The vintage Recaros he's got in there are awesome; these are the seats that should be in the RS4, but the real piece de resistance is the motor.


We have to say, his setup is pretty sweet. Using two individual throttle bodies to give it that Weber sidedraft look, the whole thing's plumbed with AN lines, and although he apologized for some of the exposed wiring, we think the whole look of the engine bay is simply killer. And John loves the tunability of the Megasquirt setup. He said, "I just keep finding more power!" He's set up a wiki detailing his work on the car, and it's well worth checking out. After John and his pal left, photographer, barfly and cousin of Gearhead's Mike LaVella Jamin Barton walked in, saw us with Melissa and said, "You two know each other?" Ah, San Francisco. We sure as shit have left our heart here.

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