Meet The Maker Of Outrageous Supercars You've Never Heard Of

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Arash Farboud saw the Porsche GT1 in 1998, and since buying one wasn’t an option, he built his own version with a twin-turbo Audi V6. His latest car, the AF8 is supposed to be his volume product. He plans to make three per year.


From playing with Legos through fixing up your Golf GTI to building race cars, that’s how you start your own supercar company. It’s damn straightforward really, if you have the passion and a few million bucks to spare.

Arash Farboud went to Le Mans in 1998 driving a 911 and came back wanting a 911 GT1. So, he and his friends got to work, creating a 620 hp prototype based on a steel chassis using a carbon body. At 1,763 pounds with a heavily turbocharged Audi engine, the Farboud GT was the full on experience.

His 2003 GTS is the car you might be familiar with, but after building three, he sold the rights to Ginetta. Anyway, here’s what the Arash Motor Company has been up to these days, preparing to launch their new AF8:

One minor problem: F1 tech, a £100,000 Judd V10 and funny doors still won’t make a 600 hp, 205 mph car a “megacar, hypercar, or whatever we call them nowadays”. It used to, but those days are long gone.

However, a V8 with a hybrid system could certainly fix that problem.

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