Time to make the donuts in this Farboud GT. No wait, it's a Farbio GTS. No, it's actually a Ginetta G60, the undead, always-orphaned supercar.

If you've read too many back issues of EVO magazine, you'll recognize this car, but otherwise you'll have never seen the little McLaren F1-lookalike. The first design study was done by Arash Farboud, another rich dude who got snubbed by Ferrari and went to make his own car. That was back in 2002/2003, and they had a working prototype with an Audi engine by 04/05.

By '07 the car was now a Farbio and it was in limited production. The car then could be had with a supercharged, 384 horsepower Ford engine, but it went after Porsche and by 2010 it was dead. Just about everyone that goes after the 911 fails miserably, so we'll cut the Farbio some slack.

In 2011, Ginetta bought and revised the car with the engine out of a V6 Mustang. It's the 2,280 lb Ginetta G60 now and what better way to celebrate its rebirth than by killing its rear tires? Hopefully people actually buy the car this time around and it lives a happy, healthy zombie life with Ginetta.


(Hat tip to Mikeado!)