McLaren 12C Declares It Can Be Speciale Too With The MSO 12C Concept

These days McLaren is doing whatever a British brand can to compete with Ferrari. And you can bet your sweet, speed-loving ass that their 12C isn't about to be outdone by the Ferrari 458 Speciale. No, sir! Not on your life!


Meet the MSO 12C Concept, which is totally not in any way a ripoff of the 458 Speciale with its new hood stripes. The MSO stands for McLaren Special Operations, who tweaked the 12C with a litany of new carbon fiber parts including a revised hood, front wing louvres, rear wing vents, a unique air brake and a new roof with a fancy snorkel that channels air to the engine.

You like carbon fiber? Great, because you're getting even more of it inside, plus body colored panels and a new instrument cluster. There's also lightweight diamond-cut wheels.

I'd still feel special in a regular old 12C, but for those that want to do a better job of keeping up with the Ferraris, this should make a great package.


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