It’s there. I mean, it’s not. You feel it. The absence. It weighs on you, a hunger. Maybe you could fulfill your inner empty with this excellent 2011 Ford Fiesta caged and prepped rally car previously run by one of America’s greatest talents.

This is Kitty Smiles Rally Adventures’ old B-Spec Ford Fiesta. Kitty Smiles was run in part by Chris Duplessis, certainly in the running for the most talented American rally driver of the past ten years. He made it to Finland on driving ability alone.

And here‚Äôs his old car. What‚Äôs great about it being a ‚ÄėB-Spec‚Äô car is that most of the parts are stock. The 1.6 liter naturally aspirated engine is stock, the manual transmission is stock, and there isn‚Äôt anything too expensive to replace.

There’s a fancy M-Sport exhaust (M-Sport runs Ford’s unofficial WRC team), and it has M-Sport spec’d Bilstien shocks, but this is not a wildly difficult car to maintain. If you want to get into rallying, going as fast and as sideways as possible without too much drama, this is probably the way to go.


Find the thing on eBay right here. Bidding is currently $5,200, which saves you a lot of time and probably money trying to build a similar car yourself.


Look at it! You want it.

(Hat tip to Dusty!)