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Max Verstappen's F1 Car Road Trip Across America Is Going Great

Red Bull loves to put its F1 cars in places where you would not normally see F1 cars. And it is pretty cool to see them off track. Max Verstappen has raced up a mountain in the Alps and pulled donuts in downtown Budapest. Red Bull’s latest video puts Verstappen on a road trip that will take him along the Continental Divide in Colorado and Miami Beach, Florida, and nowhere else. Talk about flyover country—Red Bull couldn’t even be bothered to drive through it!


I kid, I kid. This is a blast to watch:

Of course, taking twisty hairpin turns and speeding down dirt roads in the Rocky Mountains is much more interesting than watching Verstappen run straight through Iowa on I-80. His drive through Miami Beach is even more fun, as he slides around on the actual beach and races around downtown.


The video ends with Verstappen’s teammate Daniel Ricciardo joining him for a trip around downtown Miami, with Max playfully asking “Reckon this would be a cool circuit?” You know, because of that whole thing.

Also, “reckon?” Where did he pick that up, Alabama?

Bad news, Verstappen: You will have to reckon a little longer. The Miami F1 race was pushed back to 2020, if it happens at all. Planners blamed the sub-optimal track, which would have made for a truly ridiculous race.


But feel free to bring your car back to our public roads anytime, because this is fun.

Managing Editor of Jalopnik.

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Billy Milby

Don’t Aussies and Brits say reckon pretty often? I thought it was still in common use in those areas.