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Here's What That Terribly Tight F1 Miami Grand Prix Course Would Have Looked Like in a Race

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Formula One isn’t racing in Miami next year as planned, but it still would have been interesting, at least for a couple of minutes, to watch 20 drivers navigate the ridiculously tight street course the organizers mapped out. But we can see how it might have looked, thanks to computer simulators.

With a 10-year plan to host F1 races in downtown Miami, the 2019 Miami Grand Prix was a big deal for a few months over the summer—from organizers making plans faster than F1 cars could shoot down the street course’s two absurdly long straightaways to residents getting really worked up about cars on their streets.


But then the Miami race got pushed back to 2020, or maybe never. Who really knows with this stuff.

Part of the reason F1 pushed the race back a year, the sport’s managing director of commercial operations Sean Bratches said in July, was because of the “sub-optimal race track” layout for the streets of downtown Miami. The proposed track did look bad, and like a giant pile of smashed-up bobby pins—terrible for both passing and pinning hair back, due to their current state. See for yourself:


That layout will probably never happen even if the Miami Grand Prix does, but any other layouts would be just as hard—there isn’t a lot to choose from if you want the water and the Miami skyline around while also using the streets that are already there, hence the bobby-pin course in the original plans.

Either way, here’s what it would have looked like on a simulator, thanks to the imaginative folks over at Motor 1, and the Motorsport Network:

Mm. Yep. That would have been terrible for passing cars, but great for people wanting to pass out and get a nap in during the race.