Max Mosley Rejects Treaty, Attacks The French

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Like we said, we've been trying to tone down the Max Mosley news with the exception of stories so ridiculous they warrant noting, like the involvement of MI5 in the kinky sex or when F1 teams construct complex strategies to avoid Mosley. Therefore, we bring you these two updates. In addition to suing News Of The World, which broke the story, in its home country of Britain, Mosley is also suing the company in France, where the laws must favor the kinky. Not only that, he also rejected what seemed like a fair deal offered to him by a group of FIA officials.


According to AutoSport, a group of FIA chiefs drafted a letter offering Mosley a rigged vote of confidence in order for him to be able to save face if he'd just drop out. He could have the votes, but he couldn't stay in the race. Sorry, we mean as an official for the races. Not surprisingly, Mosley rejected this too-kind offer because he think he's going to win a vote of confidence on June 3rd, despite the fact that officials representing 24 clubs in 22 countries recently indicated they are against keeping him in power. (h/t PhkMark)

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