Max Mosley Prostitute Linked To British Intelligence Agency, Uberraschung!

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We joked last week about how the only reason we're following the Max Mosley story anymore was because it "keeps getting crazier and crazier." Little did we know that it would be revealed by The Times that one of Max's prisoner/gaurd prostitutes (Mistress Abi), in a twist even Graham Greene couldn't have imagined, was the wife of an MI5 agent. For those who don't know, Mi5 is the domestic spying agency pledged to "Defend the Realm" of the UK. In this case "Defend The Realm" meant spanking and sexing the head of the FIA in a sadomasochistic orgy. Remember when Mosley said the sting was setup "by a group specialising in such things for reasons and clients as yet unknown" after getting busted? We now live in a world where that may be true. Understandably, MI5 isn't happy with the implication that instead of tracking down terrorists they're tracking down old man boners.


The agent has been fired, of course, if only for the fact that the head of MI5 had to have a meeting to tell PM Gordon Brown that they weren't involved in the Nazi-style sex orgy. This also ties in weirdly to Mosley's father, the infamous British fascist, who was spied on and turned in by MI5. This is totally going to turn Mosley's Nixon-esque persecution paranoia, clearly on display in Mosley's letter to the FIA, up to 11. We can't wait to see what happens tomorrow. Thanks to all the sick, sick individuals who sent in tips [The Times]

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Starting to sound a little like "True Lies". That was a true story wasn't it?

Ah hell it makes great copy, it no longer matters if it's true. What does Dana Perrino say about it? The more egregious the lies, the more attractive the person that's telling them needs to be.