Marty McFly’s Toyota Truck Getting Restored After Possibly Being Used As A Mule For Drug Cartels

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I have some hot news for all the Back to the Future fans out there! Which should be all of you, because if you don't like those movies, then you hate America. And I hate you.


When most folks think of Back to the Future, they think of the DeLorean. But John Z.'s stainless steel sports car can't lay claim to being the preferred vehicle of insurgents, rebels and terrorists everywhere. That dubious honor goes to the Toyota pickup truck, which was also Marty McFly's sweet non-time traveling whip of choice.

Now, the 1985 Toyota Xtra Cab 4x4 truck — the one driven by Michael J. Fox in Part III — is headed for a full restoration, care of the folks at Time Machine Restoration.

They're already working on a museum-grade restoration of the DeLorean time machine from the first movie, according to, the Internet's leading authority on all things Back to the Future.

Whatever happened to the original truck, you ask? The Time Machine Restoration people allude to its fate a little bit on their Facebook page. They say the story is pretty crazy, involving the truck being stolen, transported to Mexico, and ultimately recovered by the Federales.

They promise the full tale soon, but since nothing good happens in Mexico anymore, it's not unrealistic to think the truck may have been used to transport huge quantities of drugs, guns and/or human heads for the Zetas or some other cartel. You can't blame them — those trucks are damn tough. And being a Toyota from the 1980s, it's probably on its original engine, too.

We look forward to seeing the Toyota get restored to its full former glory, which I can only hope will culminate in a drag race between Michael J. Fox and Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. One thing is clear: wherever it's headed... it won't need roads. Because it's 4WD, you know. (What did you think I meant?)


What do you think of the truck and the restoration project?

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