Following the SpaceX explosion from this morning, which destroyed the satellite that was supposed help beam down internet and Facebook from space, Zuckerberg voiced his displeasure at the incident at SpaceX. And indirectly-but-kind-of-really-directly at Elon Musk.



It’s fine, though, because The Zuck totally has a Plan B, which is totally better than your explodey Plan A, Elon. Take that.

Zuckerberg leaves out the bit about being relieved that no one was injured in the explosion, which was quite large, but I’m sure he’s thankful about that, even if he didn’t say so.

So far, this tweet is Elon’s only response to the incident.


But, if I know Elon, he’ll probably have something to say about Zuckerberg’s statement. Get the popcorn ready!

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