Marbula One Outshines F1 To Become The Pinnacle Of Motorsport

Gif: Jelle’s Marble Runs (YouTube)

Formula One likes to market itself as the pinnacle of motorsport, but I’m going to be honest: it’s not. It can’t be, not when the beauty of Marbula One exists in this world.


If you haven’t been lucky enough to hear about this beautiful sport, allow me to offer you a brief history. Marbula One is the brainchild of Jelle’s Marble Runs on Youtube, and the concept is simple. Build a track, line up some marbles, and set ‘em off to compete for the glory.

But, oh—it’s not quite that simple. Oh no. These marbles go through qualifying to determine their starting positions, just like real live F1 cars do:

The production quality is absolutely absurd. The track, Savage Speedway, is specially built for these marbles, and this whole situation has its own introduction and commentary. It is incredible. There are timing screens, inset screens to watch the action from other marbles, and names for each and every team and marble. There’s a conveyor belt that enables the marbles to be shuttled back up to the start for yet another round. It is, genuinely, incredible.

And that isn’t even the race yet!

Folks. The intro. The music. The animated track layout. The marbles in the VIP stands. An absolutely absurd amount of attention has been paid to every single detail here. But I think my favorite detail comes in the description of the video:

And for those who are wondering about the Oceanics and other teams which aren’t in the Marbula One: These teams will participate in the proposed Marbula 2.

We’re getting a Marbula 2!!! Oh my god there are going to be whole storylines! I cannot even express to y’all how truly exciting this is. I honestly think I’m more stoked about this Marbula One season than I am about the actual F1 season.

I have to pay massive kudos to Jelle’s Marble Runs for putting so much effort into this whole situation. It has made my entire week.

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Definitely more interesting than an F1 race!