Everyone's least favorite German tuner, Mansory, now also sells Mansory-branded energy drinks, motor oil and golden iPhones to go with what you see here: The Stallone F1. At least I know what I'll drink at the next show.

Most people who've driven it will tell you that the one thing the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta doesn't need is further tuning. They covered that field pretty well in Maranello. Still, in Mansory-land, everything is turned to eleven, then upside down. The result is an adulterated F12 with many layers of lacquer over some red carbon fiber. Not Rosso Corsa, just red.

A new ECU and an even sportier exhaust system gives it an old 769 cc Fiat Panda's worth of extra power, so the peak output climbs to 775 horsepower. (Except that's it doesn't. I was thinking of the "standard" Stallone F1. Evo's Henry Catchpole read the label that I've missed being blinded by all that carbon, and apparently, it's a twin turbo setup with 1200 horsepower.)

I'll believe that when I see the dyno sheet. The rest is optical tuning. Different wheels, lots of wings and scoops, more luxury inside.

It's a Mansory allright. You know the drill.

Photo credit: Máté Petrány/Jalopnik