Man Buys $6,750,000 Vanity Plate, We Lose Faith In Humanity

You know how when you go to a fast food place and you're standing in line, debating whether you should splurge and get the DeLuxe super meal or if you should just purchase an item off the dollar menu and supplement it with a cup of water, obtained from the bathroom spigot? I think it's safe to assume that Talal Khouri of the United Arab Emirates has never endured that debate. He's the man who owns the world's most expensive license plate, which he paid about $6,750,000 for in an auction run by the oil-rich country's government. So, what kind of solid-platinum, diamond-encrusted opulence did he get for his millions? Well... actually, it's just a regular ol' number tag. Yep, just a normal plate that simply reads "5."

But this is all just a warm-up game, because Talal says that he's willing to shell out up to $20,000,000 for "1." In the UAE, there's evidently a competition among wealthy dudes to possess the lowest plate numbers. Once they exhaust all the single- and double-digit options, we wonder if they'll move on to more esoteric collectibles. Can you even imagine what Talal Khouri would pay for the rare David Hasselhoff option?


[CNN via YouTube]

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It's odd that the front plate is a short US style whereas the US is the long Euro style.

@ash78: My friend got a photo of a Civic Hybrid with the CA plate "SHOCKR" and the "hand" emblem that you can get here. Cept the ring finger had been whited out....