Magnus Walker Has A Great Take On The Unloved Porsche 924

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Magnus Walker, metalhead turned entrepreneur turned fashion designer turned famous Porsche collector, wants to have “one of everything Porsche’s made” and puts his own twist on pretty much every car he acquires. I love what he’s done with this 1980 924 Carrera GT.

Besides the name, this flip-headlight’d front-engine Porsche has very little in common with the riotous Carrera GT of the mid-‘00s. The special turbo variant of the 924 was actually a homologation car for FIA Group 4 and IMSA GTO racing, my old friend Chris Perkins over at Road & Track discovered.

It seems like Walker’s car here gets more time on Angeles Crest Highway than closed race courses though, and took the long way from Porsche’s factory to his garage in Los Angeles. “The car spent 25 years in Japan” Walker explained to Petrolicious, but was apparently bought in Australia and shipped to LA to be parked amongst Walker’s other exotic Porsches.

As you may know the 924, even a rare variant, is not generally considered to be on the same level as a 911. As Walker explains: “steering feels a lot heavier, compared to the early 911s, the power delivery is different, these cars are turbocharged so they’re not quite as throttle responsive as the majority of my normally aspirated 911s.”


But he also adds that “once you’re on the open road” the car is stable, quick and “pretty nimble.”

Apparently only 406 of these 924 Carrera GTs were built, and now that Walker’s put his hands on this one, there really isn’t anything else like it. He added the two-tone look, gold wheels and other decorative bits to make the machine pop and look distinctive.

The widebody flares and off-center hood snout were already there, but the over aesthetic here is uniquely Magnus Walker’s. If you like the finished product as much as I do, you can catch some nice shots of the car in this Mobil 1 ad too: