Luigi Colani's Sawed-Off Miura Le Mans Prototype

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This is where body-on-frame construction and a transversely mounted V12 pay off: a pod racer prototype built in 1970 from half a Miura and lots of magic mushrooms by the German ekranoplan designer with the Italian name. Only $74,999!

With its manga headlights and race car construction, the Miura was weird enough in its day, but Colani’s one-off makes the original supercar look like a Camry. Then again, you couldn’t expect less from the guy who did those bionic ekranoplans and crazy-trains, could you?


The car was built in 1970 from a Miura’s rear end, sawed off behind the seats, and a front section of what looks like fiberglass. As the front suspension—controlled by “a type of joystick/tiller,” according to the listing—doesn’t allow the front wheels to move, one has to assume the entire front assembly rotates around the mounting point to the rear, which is all original Miura, including the rear suspension, the knockoff magnesium wheels, and the engine, which comes complete with those very Can-Am velocity trumpets.


You have to wonder how it would’ve competed against the Porsche 917, but all that is moot now. You’ll have until Saturday evening to bid (0 bids at the moment with a starting bid of $74,999) and you can expect to spend a bit more once you take delivery: “The car’s canopy was broken into several pieces somewhere in the last 30 years. We have the pieces and and could replicate a new one for the new owner for an additional charge.”


A small price to pay, really, to snub all those pretentios concourse types with their museum-grade, garage queen Miuras.