Lotus's Master Plan: Three New Models in Five Years

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The blokes at Lotus are preparing for a veritable product blitz that will bring three new models to market in the next five years, including the new, long-awaited Esprit-replacement flagship. According to the company, the two additional models will include a vague mid-market entry set to launch in December 2008, along with a high-performance model created with Lotus parent, Malaysia's Proton, coming in May 2008. Despite rumors the Esprit flagship was coming next year, the company says the Esprit replacement's introduction has been extended to 2009 to "incorporate more Lotus 'DNA' and other enhancements to meet the changing needs of the global marketplace." Exactly. Someone must have left the barn door open.


[via World Car Fans]

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Al Navarro

Oddly, I find the car in skierpage's link much more appealing than said crumpet. Lotus is supposed to be about adding lightness - so why they didn't get some Kate Moss in training to be their show model is beyond me.

Back to the car. Again, I don't hate it. I find the lines oddly more appealing than the Elise itself. And i was no big fan of the VX220. I like how the nose has fewer "character lines" than the Elise.

As for pop-up headlights...why not go way back and use nacelles - a la teh car that started it all....