Lincoln Is Also Jumping On The All-Electric Bandwagon

Ford's luxury division says it will have four EVs by 2030

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Lincoln announced Wednesday that it would have a new all-electric vehicle next year, and four new all-electric vehicles by 2030 in what is a big electric push for Ford’s luxury division. I am guessing that the new one will be something like a Lincoln Mach-E (Mark-E?), though I hope Lincoln gets more ambitious.


Ford has said previously that it will spend $30 billion on EVs by 2025, one-upped by GM Wednesday morning, when GM said it would spend $35 billion in that same time period. I’m sure Ford will soon announce that it has upped its investment to $40 billion, as the arms race between the two is as fascinating as ever.

As for Lincoln specifically, the new EV will also be a new nameplate, according to Automotive News; Lincoln said that every car in its stable will be electrified in some fashion by 2030. The all-electric cars will be built on Ford’s rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive electric architecture.

“Electrification will take Quiet Flight to a new level with the smooth, exhilarating take-off feel and serene quietness our clients expect from a Lincoln,” Joy Falotico, president of Lincoln, said in a news release.

Falotico is talking about a design philosophy that sounds, well, pretty Tesla-like.

From Lincoln’s release:

Evolving Lincoln’s design, the fully electric Lincoln will deliver a more spacious interior that creates the ultimate expression of the Lincoln sanctuary. On approach, the exterior presents a striking, modern aesthetic, while the iconic Lincoln star evolves to meet an electrified future. Thoughtful details inside create a truly rejuvenating space for all, with clever storage solutions and minimalistic panels, while a larger, expansive panoramic vista roof enhances natural light and provides a more open, airy feel throughout.


The cars will be in addition to the already-offered Aviator and Corsair plug-in hybrids, and offer Lincoln’s driver assistance system, called Lincoln ActiveGlide and similar to Ford’s BlueCruise. There will be over-the-air updates. And Lincoln is also trying to remake its dealership experience.

Today, nearly one third of U.S. sales are completed online through Lincoln’s remote sales platform. Now, Lincoln is working on a fully integrated, digital sales platform to meet the changing needs of clients, providing them with a convenient suite of services to be used for routine maintenance and repair through Lincoln Service Connect.


With a focus on the top 130 luxury markets, Lincoln is also growing its network of brand-exclusive Vitrine dealerships. Along with simplifying the buying process, this model moves away from the traditional transaction space to a modern layout centered around the client. To date, 28 all-new Vitrine facilities, including Lincoln’s first boutique establishment in Arizona, have opened across the country, with another 50 in process.


Again, very Tesla-like, which isn’t surprising given that seemingly every automaker is trying to imitate Tesla in one way or another. For now, too, that’s not looking like the worst decision.



When is Lincoln going to release a large brown car named the Log. I just want my Lincoln Log.