Lil Wayne's Daughter Gets A Ferrari 599 GTO For Her 16th Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday; I got a new pair of boots, my wife wrote me a very nice card and made a delicious dinner. I was very happy about all of this. Then I find out that Reginae Carter, daughter of famous rapper Lil' Wayne, got an ultra-rare, 670hp V12 Ferrari 599 GTO for celebrating sixteen years on this planet. Really?

According to TMZ, Reginae celebrated her Sweet 16 like a true baller in Atlanta with guests such as Niki Minaj. When it came time to open gifts Reginae was treated to not one, but two brand new rides. The first of which was a BMW X4. Now as goofy as that car is, the X4 seems relatively reasonable in context of ultra-rich celebrity kid cars. The second car is one of 599 cars in existence and only 125 of those made it to the US, it is one of the best front-mounted V12 coupes that Ferrari ever produced, the 599 GTO.


When asked about whether or not Reginae could operate the Ferrari safely. TMZ reported the following-

"We're told Wayne, Toya [her mother] and Memphitz [her stepfather] all agreed Reginae was a capable driver who could handle such a powerful car...

I mean if a 27 year old can handle 900hp McLaren P1, I'm sure a 16 year old will do just fine given the 599 has 230 fewer ponies running around.


Here is what I find interesting about this particular car. It is not the latest and greatest V12 Ferrari, that would be the F12 and the 599 while stylish, doesn't really stand out in the crowd of ultra-hot Lambos and other exotics. So perhaps this young lady has an appreciation for special edition Italian V12 coupes. Either that, or her parents bought her the Ferrari for the same reason I buy Hot Wheels for my son.

(H/T to Carscoops)

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