Lexus Just Made The LC Even Better Looking

Photo: Lexus

The Lexus LC 500 was released three years ago to a hell of a lot of fanfare because it’s one hell of a good looking car with just the perfect amount of performance. Turns out, though, that it can be improved with just one little fix: a beautiful but subtle green limited edition paint job.

Lexus is calling this color Nori Green, and it’s only making its appearance on 100 lucky cars as a way to celebrate a really damn good vehicle. The company isn’t making any actual mechanical changes, according to its press release. You’re just getting a beautiful green pearl sheen and some new interior that’s intended to class things up without going overboard on a revamp.


The two-tone color scheme of the interior—tan paired with a darker brown—is really, really nice. The warm shade of the leather is inviting in the way that I always imagine 1970s conversation pit-style living rooms would be, except this is far more elegant and not at all a tacky and dated stylistic choice. It’s a good pair for olive exterior.

Image: Lexus
Image: Lexus

There’s only one other change for the Inspiration Series mode, and that’s a custom sill plate, laser cut to look like the rear brake lights. I have to say, it’s a really nice, subtle way to remind you that this car is limited edition.

Image: Lexus

Pricing isn’t available yet—it’s set to be announced closer to the car’s release this fall—but given that the standard LC 500 starts at $92,950, I’d expect this edition to settle comfortably close, if not in, the six digit field.

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